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Unique Kid Crafts Ideas for Kids - Including Origami, Beading, Paper Crafts, Mosaics, Seasonal Craft Ideas and Much More...

picture of meHi! I'm Marcel! I used to go to an art school, where I learned lots of arts and crafts ideas, and I'd like to share them with you.

On his web site, I'm going to introduce you how to make wonderful handmade kids crafts.

Don't worry: most of the kid craft ideas are quite easy, since I've made this web site for kids.

However, there're a couple of quite complicated projects, so if you're expert in making craft ideas, don't close this window as you'll probably find new ideas that you haven't heard about yet!

bead lilyDon't forget to check out my amazing new eBook called Bead Patterns for Everyone. It's teaches you how to make wonderful bead animals, jewelry and flowers... (such as the lily on the right!)

Here is a piece of useful advice that you should never forget: Whenever you get stuck, don't give up. Take a breath and try again. Try until you finish it.

It is actually really important. You'll be never successful in anything, if you stop and give up after one try.

And this is especially true when you're making kid crafts. So, try, try and try again!

Marcel's Kid Crafts Blog
The Marcel's Kid Crafts blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site.

origami animalOrigami Instructions for Easy Animal Projects
Don't know how to make origami animals? My easy origami projects for kids are waiting for you with step-by-step instructions! You'll find here origami animal ideas with patterns and diagrams.

bead animalsBeading: Free Bead Animal Patterns, Basic Techniques and Tips
Beading is such a huge concept. I tried to summarize it with ideas, patterns, tips, techniques and step-by-step guidelines.

bead patterns ebookBead Patterns for Everyone eBook
A Complete Guide called Bead Patterns for Everyone, that teaches you in a Fast, Easy and Convenient Way to Begin Making Wonderful Bead Animals, Flowers and Jewelry.
mothers day flowerMother's Day Gifts: Flowers, Cards and Craft Ideas
This HUGE selection of free mothers day gifts ideas, including flowers, cards and crafts, is a very special one, because all the ideas here are extremely unique!
paper craftsSimple Paper Crafts Projects and Ideas for Kids
Take a look at my free paper crafts ideas collection for kids. You'll find here step by step instructions for cute egg-box ideas.

art deco, art nouveauPattern, Motif and Symbol Selection
Looking for patterns or motifs? Check out my selection where you'll find here Angel, Art deco (Art nouveau), Aztec, Celtic (Irish), Japanese, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Islam symbols.

snowflakeFree Snowflake Patterns and Instructions
Have you ever felt the lack of snow during Christmas or at any time? Make your own snowflakes! You'll definitely find a snowflake pattern or picture that suits your taste in my collection of free printable snowflake templates.
windowcolor mandalaWindowcolor Tips and Techniques, Free Patterns, Step By Step Instructions
Have you ever heard about windowcolor? Have a look at the coolest selection of windowcolor patterns and ideas on the Web. You'll find here ideas, patterns, tips, techniques, step-by-step guidelines and many more...
mosaic pictureMaking Mosaic
You'll find here ideas about making mosaic for both kids and grownups. The detailed step-by-step instructions will help you along.

Stamping is the simplest way to decorate any smooth surface. You can make your own stamps by carving a potato, rubber or foam.
Come and see my stamping ideas, they're really cool and creative!

easter craft ideaEasy and Completely Free Easter Crafts Ideas and Projects
Do you have an easter party coming up? Take a look at my free easter crafts ideas and projects.

baskertyBasketry, Basket Making and Basket Weaving Instructions
Learn how to make basketry projects by simply following my step by step instructions. You'll also find here other basketry ideas.

soap makingFree Soap Making Instructions and Recipes
Free instructions and recipes for melt and pour soap making. Links to other great soap making sites as well.

The Super Soap Making Book

valentine day graphicsValentine Gifts

In this varied section, you will find plenty of homemade Valentine gifts for men and women alike. If you need good gifts for Valentines, this is the ideal place to start.

christmas origamiThe Ideal Christmas Gift Idea Collection

This Christmas gift idea collection provides you with a number of great Christmas gift and decoration ideas, so if you don't know what to give your friends for Christmas, the right solution is here for you!

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