Bead Patterns for Everyone

How to Make Beaded Creatures

bead lilyA Complete Guide called Bead Patterns for Everyone, that teaches you in a Fast, Easy and Convenient Way to Begin Making Wonderful Bead Animals, Flowers and Jewelry.

bead stork

Dear Beading Friend,

If you're looking for bead patterns, ideas or just want to learn beading, and have been browsing stores, feeling overwhelmed not knowing what you need to get started, or how to get started, then you have definitely come to the right place!

Here's why:

Bead Patterns for Everyone eBook

Here's a list of SOME (there are a lot more ideas) what you will learn by reading this amazing ebook:

bead crab bead stag beetle bead caterpillar
Crab Stag Beetle Caterpillar
bead bracelet bead necklace bead lily
Bracelet Necklace Lily
bead tulip bead stork bead yellow thrush
Tulip Stork Yellow Thrush
bead damselfly bead grasshopper bead bee
Damselfly Grasshopper Bee


OKAY... I am convinced... but how much does it cost?

It is free!


What do I get?

INSTANT DOWNLOAD. You will be able open Your e-book "Bead Patterns for Everyone" in 3 minutes.
A 50 pages eBook
Over 15 animal, flower and jewelry ideas with patterns.
Step by step instructions for each idea.
Over 60 (!) pictures.
Step by step guidelines that explain the most important techniques.
Extremely easy to read and follow layout.
Useful tips throughout the book to help you.
More than 3 PHOTOS of each project.
Detailed description of the materials you'll need.
Easy-medium-advanced categories.



You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and read this book. You can get Adobe Reader here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

If you want to open the file in your browser window, you can just click on the link. However, if you want to download the file to view later, then right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save File As." Then select where you want to save the file on your hard drive.


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Bead Patterns for Everyone eBook

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